Material Selection Guidance


Material Selection Guidance


Peak utilizes a wide range of plastics and serves a number of different plastic industries, including solar, electronics and biomedical. We also work with many plastic materials including hard to machine and exotic resins. The types of plastics used in Peak’s manufacturing processes include, but are not limited to: ABS, CPVC, PVDF, TORLON, VESPEL, CELAZOLE, DELRIN, TEFLON, NYLON, HALAR (ECTFE), ACRYLICS, PVC, ULTEM, G-10, HDPE, PEEK, POLYCARBONATE, POLYPROPYLENE, PHENOLICS, and POLYETHYLENE.

Non-Ferrous Metals & Castings

Peak’s expertise spans both the fabrication and/or machining of non-ferrous material, including castings. Our services include machining a variety of different types and alloys of non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals

Peak’s expertise in machining ferrous metals plays a large part in supporting our customer base. Material can be machined on vertical, horizontal or turning centers. Our experienced staff has the ability to machine a variety of alloys, including; steel, lead, copper and stainless.