Quick Turn Jobs

We have excellent relationships with our supply chain that delivers the needed materials on-time. Peak has expertise in Rapid Prototype Manufacturing (RPM) for a wide variety of industries.


Value Added Engineering

Engineering Consultation services are available to help you resolve design and manufacturing issues before we begin work on your project. Our experienced programming staff is able to machine your part from either a drawing or an electronic file. We can take your required part from drawing to production while providing complete tooling and fixturing requirements in house. Peak’s engineers can assist our customers in the following areas: Prototyping, Mold Making and Tooling.
Peak is your one-stop total solution provider. We offer a wide range of engineering support services, including:

  • Importing of CAD files.
  • Reverse engineering capabilities.
  • Value engineering technical assistance for ensuring cost-effective manufacturability.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining department is well equipped with the latest CNC machining equipment and experienced personnel. We are able to maintain high tolerances on plastic materials with high compression and expansion properties.

Our staff has a combined experience in excess of 697 years in the trade and our CNC machining department has the capability to produce complex, high tolerance, finished goods from ferrous, non-ferrous and synthetic materials. Our machines are maintained to factory specs and hold tolerances to +/- .0001″. We can accept STEP, IGES, STP and SAT files.


CNC Routing

We feature two production routers for high precision CNC routing with tolerances as close as .002 and we are able to process sheet/plate up to 240″ long X 10″ thick X 48″ wide.


Prototypes Building And R&D

We provide on-site manufacturing support to refine customer designed products. The goal is to impact the value and the manufacture ability in a positive way. From prototyping and R&D, to full production runs, Peak can take your design concept from start to finish.


Vacuum and Pressure Forming

Peak has been producing custom vacuum and pressure formed plastic components for a variety of industries for the last 30 years. Part sizes 72” long x 30” deep x 48” wide can be accomplished on our two vacuum-pressure forming machines. Our team also has the experience and expertise to produce the fixtures and molds in-house. Our machinists and fabricators work together to provide our customers sophisticated custom 3D mold and part production.


Certified Plastic Welding

Our fabricators are well versed in the art and science of plastic welding. Our certified welders can work with the following materials, and more: PVC, CPVC, POLYPROPYLENE, POLYETHYLENE, ABS, KYNAR, NYLON, and PVDC. Peak also performs extensive leak testing in-house.


Hot and Cold Custom Bending

Custom built machinery designed in-house, as well as new technological fixturing, allows us to “heat bend” materials to very close tolerances with minimized stress. Cold forming allows us to bend certain materials to very close tolerances with minimal distortion.


Flame, Vapor, and Solvent Polishing

Flame polishing uses extreme heat applied to the area to be enhanced to produce an optically clear finish. Vapor polishing may require the parts to be sanded and cleaned in preparation for polishing with chemical vapor. Solvent polishing uses chemicals applied to the surface to be polished, bringing out the luster of the base material.


Value Added Assembly and Test

We perform all assembly work, from simple to complex, on-site in a controlled environment with 100-percent test/validation.


Material Selection Guidance

Peak utilizes a wide range of plastics and serves a number of different plastic industries, including solar, electronics and biomedical. We also work with many plastic materials including hard to machine and exotic resins. The types of plastics used in Peak’s manufacturing processes include, but are not limited to: ABS, CPVC, PVDF, TORLON, VESPEL, CELAZOLE, DELRIN, TEFLON, NYLON, HALAR (ECTFE), ACRYLICS, PVC, ULTEM, G-10, HDPE, PEEK, POLYCARBONATE, POLYPROPYLENE, PHENOLICS, and POLYETHYLENE.

Non-Ferrous Metals & Castings
Peak’s expertise spans both the fabrication and/or machining of non-ferrous material, including castings. Our services include machining a variety of different types and alloys of non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals
Ferrous material can be machined on vertical, horizontal or turning centers. Our experienced staff has the ability to machine a variety of alloys, including; steel, lead, copper and stainless.