Cryogenic liquids are used by many industries in support of their final product. CryoPacific provides these end-users with an extension to a knowledge base that allows them to operate comfortably, enabling them to have a better understanding of the use and efficient/safe handling of the cryogenic liquid. End-users include primary metals production, biological storage/transportation, food/beverage processing, electronics/semi-conductor, entertainment, alternative energy, welding industry, environmental processes, and aerospace/civil defense ground equipment/testing.

Our Markets

Biotech Labs

CryoPacific provides turnkey cryogenic systems for biotech labs. We support all biomedical technologies including stem cells, cord blood, gene therapy, bone marrow, tissue banking, oncology research, immunology, and assisted reproduction. Contact us for a reference list.

We design, engineer, manufacture, and install fully integrated cryogenic systems from the liquid nitrogen supply tank up to your freezer farm. Every lab has special requirements, and we’ll tell you exactly how to meet them, supplemented by a comprehensive payback analysis. Our biotech systems ensure you operate off minimal LN2 losses and deliver uncompromising safety, reliability, and convenience.

Typical biotech systems include:

  • Bulk storage tank
  • Vacuum jacketed pipe
  • Atmospheric oxygen monitoring and alarm system
  • Alerts via email and text message
  • Secure webpage with real-time system diagnostics
  • Emergency shut-off switches and valves
  • Control valves
  • Cryovents